May 2009

Blimey! Where did that one go?
Lots of flying and some fabulous weather at the moment. And long may it last too.
Time for a bit of a catch up…..

Andy's Elan

Andy Hill turned up on Sunday (31st May) with his new Elan jet. Didn’t quite get it going – a couple of ‘Flamey’ moments that had us worried until he demonstrated a remarkable amount of puff and actually blew the flames out! (A good sort to have by you in a crisis, I thought, after watching his performance from a safe distance.)

And then there was Garth’s Islander, last seen at the indoor meeting last winter in basic airframe state…

Garth's Islander

Moments before the first flight.

Islander Engine Run up

Running up the engines.

Islander Landing

And back down safely after an impressive flight into on of those ‘in your face’ winds that mean you can enjoy the flying bit but eventually you’ve got to come in to land over your shoulder either by getting close to the windsock or coming in between the Control Tower and the radio mast. Not easy!

Rory Getting his A Certificate

It’s official. Rory Harris gets the ‘A’ Certificate from Club Secretary Vic Ford

New member, 10 year old (just!) Kieran Holloway with his Wot Trainer. Two good sessions on the Buddy Box under his belt, both in difficult wind conditions, and on his way… Hopefully he’ll turn up next time and the wind will be across the patch and he’ll wonder what all the fuss was about! (Haven’t seen dad Darren fly yet – not another indulgent father and anyway how would I know how that feels?!!)

Kieran Holloway

Brian Phillips sneaked this undercover shot of Dave Evans making his way back to the pits with an electrificated  Tommy Boy. Not sure at this range but it looks like he might even be smiling. Whatever next?

Electrified Dave Evans

Easter Weekend April 2009

Couldn’t get out today (Sunday). ‘Family commitments’ I think is how she put it. It looked like great flying weather, though. If anyone’s got any pictures, send them over!
Did manage a few hours on Saturday and had a great time flying the Cub with Michael. Will Harley turned up later on with his re-engined and tweaked electric Dornier, which Michael test flew for him, very successfully. A few pictures below to give the general idea..

Will's Dornier Before


Will's Dornier - Its flying whether it wants to or not!

During. Looks like a case of ‘It’s going to fly whether it wants to or not’!


Up and away! And into the ‘out of focus’ bit of sky that is my speciality.

Will's Dornier After

And the happy/relieved walk back to the pits after a smooth landing back on the patch. Looked great and flew well. Will declared himself ‘well pleased’.

19 April 2009

Some great weather even though the wind wasn’t too helpful (again).
Rory Harris achieved his BMFA A certificate in conditions where others were happier to sit and watch so congratulations to him. Not half bad for someone who only joined the club in January with an electric RTF and is only nine year’s old! And just in case there’s any doubt, he took his test with his Wot 4 which he started, taxied out, took off, flew to the required standard, landed (engine still going!) and taxied back without assistance (as is required for the BMFA test). Andy Morse, his mentor, didn’t seem at all surprised (nor did the rest of us who have been watching his progress these last few months). Congratulations again and ‘Well done’ from all of us. Who’s next? It can be done!

Rory H Goes Solo

Rory taking a breather with mentor Andy Morse. (Not quite sure how Andy’s new Panic crept in there – perhaps Rory’s got his eyes on it for his ‘B’?)


And another thing…
Chairman Al has managed to source Club polo shirts and baseball caps at very reasonable prices (I’ve even ordered one for Junior) so contact Vic Ford our Club Secretary to place your order ASAP and be the envy of all your chums who don’t have a proper hobby!

Late March 2009

Well what a mix it’s been! Some fantastic flying opportunities and a brief return of Winter (hopefully the last we’ll see of that). Been battling with a sick PC (and the quest for a second-hand caravan – as yet unsuccessful, anyone out there got anything?) so apologies for the lack of updates – Tony Box has come to the rescue with  some photos, so here we go..
Pat Cuss’s 1/3 scale Albatross has flown (last seen in a skeletal state at the Club meeting in November – scroll down for a reminder). Pat reported that apart from slight adjustment to the rigging, it flew “off the board”

pat-albatros-fus pat-albatros-wing patsalbatross1 pats-albatross


And Chairman Al succesfully flew his electric twin. (Sounded great – even though it doesn’t have ‘proper’ engines.)

Al P Twin_1

Al P Twin_2

Al P Twin_3
Do you think he looks nervous? Or are those just baggy trousers?

I think this was the end of the first ground run (at least that’s what Al said – it looked like it just wouldn’t take off to the rest of us).

Only kidding – here it goes on a perfect proving flight…

And apologies to Will Harley who had a very successful maiden flight with his electric Dornier (again, as seen somewhere below). I had him lined up for ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and managed to press the wrong button on the camera on both occassions. Well it does fly, and very well too – I’ve seen it!

Will Dornier Feb09_1 Will Dornier Feb09_2 Will Dornier Feb09_3 Will Dornier Feb09_4


March 2009

Early days and some rubbish flying weather so far (at least at the weekends which is when the majority of us get let out) but the monthly club meeting at the cricket club happened to be a ‘Bring and Buy’ which was well attended and some amazing bargains were to be had. Tony Box happily took some shots whilst the rest of us were haggling away (and no – I shouldn’t have walked away from a kit of the very model I first flew in the New Forest with chum Pete and my Stavely ))Tone-Lock(( single channel radio kit all those years ago – so if DE would like to contact NB I am sure there is a deal to be done!!).




February 2009 – Spring has sprung!

Or at least it’s started springing a bit more now that the snows have melted. A few good flying sessions were to be enjoyed this month, with hopefully many more on the way. Chairman Al demonstrated the ultimate in downsizing, Tony Box’s Piper Pawnee flew successfully and is now a regular sight, and Andy Morse and Andy Hill have been training a couple of youngsters with the buddy box.  Good to see some new faces and don’t these young’uns ever pick it up quickly?!!
Hopefully I’ll get the camera out a bit more now that it’s warming up and post more pictures showing the real variety of aircraft that are flown by members. Watch this space!

Al P shows off his little red thing…

Al P downsizes

And here’s how it all starts!

Off to the Patch

Rory Harris, (aged 8 at the time of this photo but now 9 – Happy Birthday!) walking out to the patch with a couple of instructors, dad Steve and younger brother Archie.
Rory’s training is now well underway and he’ll be showing us all up pretty soon at the rate he’s going!

Vics Puppeteer

January 2009

Not many flying opportunities so far this year (and blizzards forecast for the first few days in February), but members have been out there braving the elements and you’ll generally find a presence most weekends. A great deal of discussion and not much actual flying so far, it has to be said, but we’re ever hopeful!
Tony Box has sent in a couple of shots of his Piper Pawnee (last seen at November’s meeting in basic airfarme state) and reports that it is ready for it’s maiden flight. Any day now!

Tony Pawnee 1 Jan09

Tony Pawnee 2 Jan09


In fact, it should have flown by now but a coming together of a fragile, cold, numb digit and a rapidly turning, hard, sharp propellor resulted in a cracked bone and a trip to Casualty for Tony. A lesson for us all, methinks…

Points Mean Prizes
Finally found my notes from the AGM with details of who won what. So, apologies for the delay and in no particular order…

The Brian Chandler Cup for the Best Engineered Model of 2009 was awarded to  John Bishop  for his autogyro.
Ken Simpkins  took the Freelance Cup for Aerobatics, whilst  Dave Tallen  got the Vic Burton Memorial Trophy for being the Most Improved Flier.
The Best Model of The Year went to  Garth Pearce  for his Waco, and against stiff competition  Andy Johnston  got suitable recognition for producing the Best Crash of the Year with his Tiger Moth.
Tony Woodhouse  was deemed to be the Best Engine Twiddler, and finally  Vic Ford  was voted Club Member of the Year in recognition and appreciation of the way he took on the job of Club Secretary, (learning about computers and emails as he went along just for the job) and very quickly showed himself to be as an enthusiastic and effective Secretary as we could have hoped for.
Congratulations to one and all.

Early April 2009

A well timed ‘window’ in this funny weather of ours brought the crowds out on Sunday 5th with a huge variety of planes (and ages). Low wind, even though what there was was ‘in your face’ or ‘right to left’ which didn’t help with the landings. (Having written that I realise it will make no sense at all to anyone who doesn’t fly at Keevil. And probably a few of our members as well, thinking about it. You’ll have to join to find out!)
Anyway, lots to report on and more to follow when I’ve got some time (ie when it’s not my turn to cook tea), but a couple of highlights:

Mike B was trusted to go solo with Pat Cuss’ WW1 Bristol Fighter and did a reasonable job, even after going deadstick after a roll (are they meant to do that?). I say that as his father – he may describe the experience differently. Pat was cool, calm and collected throughout the whole thing and seemed satisfied with the standard of flying. My turn next? No pressure then!

Pat C_Albatross_1 Pat C_Albatross_2 Pat C_Albatross_3

And Tony Box writes:
‘9 year old Rory Harris flew solo today, without the constraints of a buddy box and  lead. Andy Hill kept a watchful eye on proceedings. Rory practises Sunday morning on a flight simulator, before “Real” flying in the afternoon. He hopes to take his BMFA “A” test soon.’I’m sure he will. A definite ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’!

And Andy Johnston has sent some pictures in of a quiet day’s aeromodelling at the patch:


Andy’s current line up. And I guess here’s a typical one of the hardships we all have to endure of a weekend in a good cause instead of staying at home and having our roast lunches. (Don’t often see him smile like that though – it must have been the mustard!)

Spring 2009 at the Patch