2008 Archive

Just a place to put all the things that were on the ‘Front Page’ during 2008. Clearing space for the year to come, but keeping a place for a record of people, events, happy days (and some not so happy days), that happened during the course of 2008, and which we can recall here if we wish to….

Tuesday 11 November – Club Meeting
The monthly get together at the Cricket Club was an opportunity to have a good natter (like we need an excuse!) and to see some of the projects members have underway. Garth Pearce showed us how far he’s moved on with his latest Britten-Norman Islander, Tony Box gave a demo on how to create waterslide transfers and also brought along his Piper Pawnee, Pat Cuss took up a lot of room with his third scale Albatross D-V or D-Va (tbc!) and passed on a wealth of construction tips at the same time, and Tony Woodhouse presented his plan-built Hawker Typhoon.

Garth’s Islander

Eight foot wingpan, two Saito 56’s, fully sprung undercarriage and an ingenious brake arrangment on the nose wheel. It will be finished in the colour scheme of an Isles of Scilly Skybus.

Tony Box showing how easy it is to create your own transfers, complete with an action sequence and a ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ bit (to cries of ‘where’s the sticky backed plastic?’ from the audience!).

And then a look at his Piper Pawnee project. Didn’t get the full details, but it’s going to be powered by an OS120 and it’s looking good!

Pat’s latest WW1 giant, a third scale Albatros fighter. And only 3 months into the build as well!
It will be powered by a Zenoah 62 and is predicted to weigh in at 17.5 kg. Beautiful detail and craftmanship. This will be finished in the colour scheme depicting it as the plane that Von Richthoven flew before he moved on to the famous (infamous?) red Triplane he is more usually associated with.

(Apologies to Tony for missing out on his Typhoon. Details to follow!)

Sunday 12 October. At last -Some flying shots!!
An excellent day’s flying on one of those rare Indian Summer type days. The Summer’s been such a washout I reckon we deserve a few good days over the few weekends we’ve got left this year!
Good to see such a variety of models (and most of them in the air at some point or other).
Andy Johnston’s Tiger Moth made a welcome return after its fall to ground earlier in the year, Pat Cuss’s Bristol was as good as ever after a major refit (rebuild?), and Vic Ford’s Spitfire put on a great show flying around as only a big Spitfire can.

Bernie turned up with a couple of electric Twins which Tony Box took up for him very successfully, even though one flight was cut short due to an important bit coming off mid air, never to be found again (but happily landed without damage).

And perhaps a mention for Tony Woodhouse who had the sort of day that would make a lesser man give it all up and take up train spotting or birdwatching or something. Two mid sized planes to have fun with. The first (a Sukhoi I think) had engine problems: low range fine, top end fine, but the bit in between just wasn’t behaving, resulting in lots of aborted walks out to the patch and one hairy dead-stick landing (happily back on the patch).
The second (might be a Giles, but I’m not sure) took off fine, flew around for a bit, and then there was a horrible noise that made everyone stop and look up. (Yes, I think even Bernie!) Lots more noise then the sound of a large powered plane turning into a really, really, heavy glider. And it landed OK, and even rolled to a stop (in the rough – never seen that before). And on closer inspection it turned out that half of the prop had detached in flight, and the consequent vibration had caused the engine to tear off the bulkhead and hang loose in what was left of the cowl. So, as they say, ‘It could have been worse’..

And then of course, my fabulous Kwik Fly with fitted cowl! What could be finer?

I had a go at some flying shots, but soon got fed up chasing little dots around the sky and handed the camera over to Michael.
Here’s one of my better efforts.. Can you tell what it was yet??

Andy Johnston’s Tiger Moth:

Apparently it flew as well as ever, and Andy was soon throwing it around in a scale aerobatic manner as only he can.

And Vic’s Spitfire was seen tearing through the sky!

(Note how focussed Vic remains despite Carlos’s attempt to distract him at the last moment with his South American Quick Step routine.)

After a thoroughly enjoyable flight (for the spectators anyway) Vic brought it in for a real greaser of a landing that unfortunately started slightly off the patch. The undercarriage gave up before it got to the smooth stuff and it came to a sliding, tail up, sort of stop. A great pity, but nothing a couple of hours in Vic’s workshop won’t put right.

And of a couple of shots of one of the products from the Pat Cuss School of Modelling Excellence.
The Bristol has been out a few time since its major ‘refit’ and never fails to impress. The rest of us can only dream, but it is always good to see up close the sort of model you would only normally see at shows.

Bernie had a couple of electric twins that Tony Box flew for him (or us?). The first was a Mosquito, below, and I think it might have been a first flight.

It looked great zipping around the sky and seemed to fly really well until something important dropped off and Tony had to bring it down (safely). Not sure what the other one was (looked a bit like a Mossie dressed up as a Hun, but I’m not sure..).

And finally, a proper shot of one of the sweetest planes on the market. Call me ‘Mr Retro’ if you must (Michael calls me a lot worse so I won’t be offended), but I think that this one from the 1970’s is still one of the best looking planes ever designed.

(Of course, you may disagree…)

Weekend September 27/28. What? More good weather?…
Unbelievable! The early morning mists cleared on both days (OK, so it was more like mid-day before we could get going, but those that did turn out were rewarded with rare conditions (bright sunshine and little or no wind) and a fine time was had by all. I test flew my amazingly pretty Graupner Kwik Fly (OK, so I let Michael do the tricky first bits, but I took it just as soon as he’d trimmed it out for me) and will now get around to fitting the cowl. (Top marks to Paul Walker for correctly identifying it AND asking about its original trademark orange and black colour scheme!) So it’s not just me who remembers it from its world championship winning appearance back in the 1970’s!
And still no flying shots! One day…

John Bishop has provided more detail and some photos of his single rotor autogyro with which he thrilled us so much recently. It is apparently a Flying Balsa kit imported from the USA.
(I have captioned the others further below.)

Saturday September 13. A really nice, warm, sunny day. No, it really was…
A surprisingly low number of members turned out (especially considering the forthcoming closures) but those of us that did brave the unusually clement conditions were given a taste of what should have been this summer…
Highlight of the day’s entertainment was surely John Bishop’s first flight with his single rotor Autogyro. This man knows no fear! It seemed to be almost uncontrollable for the first few minutes (or was he just showing off?!!) but he kept it ‘up there’ long enough to get the trims sorted out and have a good long flight and bring it safely back down. To spontaneous and appreciative applause, it must be said, from the unusually silent onlookers!

Sadly no pictures yet (one of these days I’ll get some flying shots!) but John has kindly forwarded a few shots of his existing fleet..

A twin rotor Kestrel, built from plans.

And another twin rotor, this one a Whirlgig, also built from plans.

And just to prove he’s not totally obsessed with things that shouldn’t really fly, here’s one of his version of the Airsail Chipmunk kit, done up in the same scheme as the actual ‘plane he first went solo in back in 1972.

A reminder!
Now that the summer’s over, club meetings have back moved over to the Cricket Club pavillion in Trowbridge.
Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 19:30 – that’s half past seven in the evening to those not with a military background! There are usually guest speakers and sometimes demos to entertain us (I will publish a proper list when details are known). If you’re not already a member and you’re thinking of joining the club, feel free to come along and ask questions. You will be most welcome!

At the Patch, various days late in August 08
(You can tell it’s August – just check out the cloudy skies!)

After a lot of teething and trimming problems, Tony Box’s Focke Wulf 56 Stosser is at last flying well. (Re-engined with an ASP 61, reduced wing incidence, and CG moved forward 1/2 inch.) An unusual subject that looks a bit different in the air.

Roy, big smiles, and his Giles 202

Andy Hill took his F15 up the airfield on Sunday for a pre flight ground run.

Andy is worried what Brian will say after what his 36lb blow torch has done to the grass:

And club stalwart Dave Evans:

Looks like be a case of
‘Will this make my belly look bigger?’

If you’ve got any photos I can decently and legally publish, please send them in or see me at the patch. It’ll help me keep the website up to date, and hopefully more interesting for one and all.
(And as soon as I get a new graphics card I’ll be able to have a look as well!)

Club Scale Competition, Fun Fly and Barbecue 17th August
And it didn’t rain! – The wind wasn’t very helpful though (quite strong and straight down the patch) but there was nontheless a lot of flying, a lot of chatting, and a great deal of eating and drinking. The event was well attended and all in all a very successful and enjoyable day. Thanks to the organisers for all their hard work, especially Al Pinnington (who even smelled like a burger at the end) for the time he spent cooking, Graham Hamblin and Andy Morse for taking turns at the grill, and to Chris for fetching the grub. There were also home-made cakes, fresh fruit and some beers brought along by members to help matters along. A very fine spread indeed!

And Brian Philips had clearly put in extra time (again) getting the patch to a fantastic state for the day. (Wish my lawn was that good!)

Graham Hamblin takes his ‘turn to burn’.

Mike Brode, Will Sturgess and Will’s Sukhoi

A selection of goodies from the Bring and Buy line up.

The feasting commences!

Brian imparting some of his immense wisdom to an appreciative (captive?) audience of youths.

Vic Ford’s impressive WW11 line up. Both the (re-engined) Focke Wulf and the Mustang had successful proving flights (neither entirely uneventful!) but Vic And Andy Hill managed to get both safely down again much to the relief of all watching. It will be fanastic to see them flying again when Vic’s got them sorted.

Andy Johnstone’s Bentley BR2 draws a crowd.

Brian’s new Company Vehicle

Out with the old:

A bit battered and tatty round the edges, but generally a reliable starter with a good few miles left in it yet. (Hang on, sounds just like Brian…)

In with the new:

Lots of new features (including a bouncy chair, a flashing light and a go-faster stripe) – any volunteers please see Brian or Andy Morse for operating tuition.

Vintage Day July 6

A very damp day cleared sufficiently by 10.30am to allow the four guests who made the heroic trip from the Home Counties to augment our small gathering.
Tony Tomlin and John Perry from the Raynes Park MFC, Nicholas Skyrme from the Bracknell and District MAC and Mervyn Tilbury, a member of SAM35.
Tony had a very interesting variety of models including a Wee Snifter with a tiny diesel which fairly tore around the sky (no ailerons). Mervyn Tilbury had a very clean PB TWO and John Perry had an electric powered Queen Bee. Nicholas Skyrme had a Kiel Craft Majestic Major and Kiel Craft Falcon, both powered by Laser 80 Diesels which was a surprise to me as I was unaware there were such engines. Both Nicholas’ models were exceptionally presented and I found it difficult to decide which was the best. In the end I chose the Majestic as it had a beautifully made cylindrical, highly polished fuel tank visible in the cockpit complete with level gauge!
Garth Pearce and Ian Andrews flew the flag for us and quite a few flights were made before the rains came around 1.45. There was another clear spell after that which allowed a few more hardy souls to fly and the presentations were made at 3pm. The prizes, which consisted of a bottle of wine each, were as follows:

Best I.C. Model: Majestic Major, Nicholas Skyrme
Best Electric: Queen Bee, John Perry (only one)
Visitor who seemed to enjoy himself the most: Tony Tomlin. He had so many models of such a wide variety of types which all flew well accompanied by his jovial banter. He also sent all these photos.

By 3.45 the heavens opened and I assume the proceedings drew to a close (I left at 3.55). Subsequent emails from Tony expressed great thanks to the club for holding the event and congratulated us for organising it. The Portaloo was most appreciated by the wives.

Lets hope for a better spell of weather next year.

Andy Johnston

John Perry presented with Electric Flight prize for Queen Bee

Nicholas Skyrme presented with Best Model prize

Tony Tomlin presented with prize for most enjoyment

Many thanks to Andy Johnston and Brian Phillips for braving the conditions and reporting back on the event!

Club Aerobatic Competition June 8

The aerobatic competition was held on an unusually fine day for a weekend with brilliant sunshine and a moderate wind. An informal event (Vic Ford had said beforehand “…this is a low key fun event if your model can loop roll stall turn and do a touch and go HAVE A GO”), flying was off the peg board and in no particular order but always under the scrutiny of top local celebrity judge, our very own Steve McBrine. (That is, when he wasn’t busy passing on advice, comment and witticisms to anyone who would listen to him.)

Entrants ranged from Pat Cuss with his Regal Eagle, through Andy Hill’s Boomerang jet to Tony Box’s Wot Trainer. The competition winner was eventually declared to be Ken Simpkins flying an Extreme Flight Extra 300 powered by a Saito 82 4-stroke. Many congratulations to him, and to everyone else (who I think came joint second). Apologies for the lack of photos (spent too much time advising Junior on his sick engine) but here’s a general view of the line up.

After the dust had settled Vic rolled out his new Focke Wulf 190 for what turned out to be some ‘taxing trials’. The conclusion was that the fan at the front wasn’t producing enough wind, so he took it away with a view to finding something a bit bigger. Looking forward to seeing it in the air next time!

Vic pumping air in to try and make it lighter….

How to Learn the Hard Way!

Had to move the CofG back to get within the limits on a new model (the Extra 300s in the photo below). To do this we needed to fit an extension lead to the battery. And guess what? Yup. It came disconnected on the fourth flight. The result was a total loss of the aircraft and big rebuild required for the engine. And it was flying sooo well!
Lesson learnt – Fix the connections properly!


After. Anyone got a Binbag?

Well why not?
A couple of photos from a day out learning about the IMAC (31st May 2008)

Mike Brode in Happy Land

Mike Brode and some Big Bloke

Andy Johnston’s 1/4 Scale Bentley BR2

Andy brought the engine up to Keevil earlier this year and started it up. Thanks to Richard Holloway for remembering to take some pictures whilst the rest of us were just gawping! The engine is a 1/4 scale Bentley BR2 four-stroke rotary engine of 1918.
Andy has provided more pictures and comprehensive details which appear in the ‘Articles’ menu item, or just click [http://www.wdrcfc.org.uk/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=1|here] for a fascinating read!.

Keevil Fun Run – May 2008

By invitation of the organisers the club put on a static and limited flying display to support the fun run
on Saturday 10th May. The event was well supported by club members and I think enjoyed by all who took part. Except, I should imagine, our chairman who suffered an elevator servo failure during a typically spirited flight with his fabulous Tiger Moth, resulting in a huge impact and what looked like a total loss. Andy has since examined the damage and has decided that enough has survived to warrant a rebuild (which is already well underway). We look forward to seeing it fly again before too long.

Andy Johnston and Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth climb out

Fun Run Static Display May 2008

Andy Hill, his Boomerang, and a couple of Hangers On (whose job it is to put it down, then hang on to it for dear life until Andy tells them to let it go!)

Looking for the patch

Andy Hill’s latest project. I want one!

Alan Sims

Founder member of the Warminster Radio Control Flying Club, Alan Sims, passed away on April 26th.
I first came into contact with Alan in the mid 1950’s, when as a Boy, I flew free flight models at Keevil Airfield. Alan in those days was flying early multi channel “Reeds”and it was all transported in his Motor Cycle and side car.
Alan has been a consistent flyer in the Wessex Scale league for the Warminster club, since the league was started and also competed in vintage and old timer events, he also still had his original “Radio Queen”.
The West Country has lost one of its most consistent flyers.
Alan leaves his Wife Noreen, Andrew and Julie and condolences must go to them.

Tony Box
Lifetime friend
Vice President, Warminster RCFC

Alan starting his Tiger Moth, helped by his Son Andrew, May 2007

Brian Phillips has been out and about with his camera…

Derek decides to phone for advice on siting the new clubhouse (and anyway is yellow the right colour?).

Bob Rudland showing Socks (Dave Evans) how to mix fuel. Note John Armstrong’s Tango drink in the foreground. If Bob sees this it will go in the mix as well..)

Socks ready to return home after putting his plane to bed under the camouflage netting.

Pat’s 50% 1932 Hall-Springfield Bulldog

Photographed at Keevil at its first run out on one of the good days in February!