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RC-Pilot 73¨ Yak with DLE30 and silent prop at Herwen in the Netherlands.
RC-Pilot 73¨ Yak with DLE30 and silent prop at Herwen in the Netherlands.

Hi All,

The days leading up to Xmas are usually even more hectic then the rest of the year, so now is as good a time to fix up a few issues with the website as any.  ;-)

  • The changing images in the header were missing. As far as I can tell at the moment this is caused by the fact that the Theme we used, is no longer compatible with the present day flavour of WordPress. I´m going to use the default WordPress theme, which does support rotating headers.
  • The image database is all over the place. It´s going to be a big job to fix it.
  • Before I forget, I wish you all a merry Xmas and of course a happy Newyear!

As far as the hobby goes: We have lost the field the club has had for 30 odd years, due to some city people complaining about noise. They also complain about the farmers starting their tractors at 5 in the morning, the 1000 noisy geese that frequently sit on our field, etc etc. But since we officially occupy the outer 100 feet of a so called ´nature reserve´, we have to go.  Lucky for me, I found a club 5 miles away, on the other side of the border. To be accepted as member, I had to live in Germany. So, since moving house is one of my favourite things to do, we are packing up, and hopefully move within the next 2 months, just in time for the new season.  The new flying field comes with a new bungalow and a big shed. The bungalow is a sort of

an ARTF?
As you can imagine, it takes a bit of tinkering to make the wife happy ;-)

And a youtoob test: Camera mounted atop an Orion Glider. And some DLG-fun.

@21 Dec: I´m removing all (most) images, then reload what is needed, in order to get rid of the (3000) redundant ones.

Kees Blokland

Club BBQ Plenty of flying, fun and food

Al & Chris in full swing

The committee would like to thank all those that helped make our BBQ a great success particularly Chris,Al and Fiona.  It’s always a question of the weather and how many we can expect to come, we think that we got everything just about right (well Chris Wakley did more like). We must thank all those and their wives that brought food. I did notice that none went home!

A few took the opportunity to fly the club trainer including Peter Dauncy (Melkshams town crier) which we have photos of and with a bit of luck Tony will have got uploaded these and others to our web site by the time you read this.

Please don’t forget we are looking for volunteers for the Southwick flower show on bank holiday Monday set up 1030








The Jetstream is moving! (Or so they say.)

And Summer is just around the corner. Again. Anyway, let’s hope it gets here before Autumn does.

Just spent some time on the refurbishment of our latest acquisition, a third scale SE5A in the colours of the one flown by Maj James McCudden VC.
Not too much to do (considering my Fokker DVII is now two and a half years overdue),  just some tweaking with the rigging and bits and pieces. We put it all together in the kitchen today (on account of the rain outside), then realised it was too  big to get through the doors for some outdoor shots when the sun did come out (how we laughed).

All being well we’re up for some engine trials and maybe a test flight this weekend….


And yes, there is a pilot on the way, but I think he may have heard about Michael’s flying and is taking the scenic route…


When it was Summer..

And we could get to the patch without welly boots, Ian Andrews turned up one Sunday with another of his ‘unusual’ flying machines…




John Bishop was there with his wizzy photo apparatus to take some flying shots and reports:

‘Herewith some flying shots of Ian’s latest creation. It’s scratch build from an American plan I believe and it’s called “The Real Thing” (like Coca-Cola). It flies well but the ground run was proving to be a tad tricky with the eventual loss of some small but essential parts!’




John Bishop’s Whirlgig Autogyro Thing

John has sent over an update on his Whirlygig autogyro project which some of us will recall from its erratic if not entertaining take off procedure, but which is nonetheless an awesome if not slightly puzzling (ie how does that work?) flying machine.

John reports that:

After a rather hairy test flight performance is much better now since I replaced the earlier 3-bladed rotors with a 4-bladed set.  Stability and general handling are much improved.

Which is a good thing!

Vic’s New Hurricane

Some shots of Vic’s Hurricane getting its maiden flight. It’s a Mk 1 Hurricane in Polish airforce colours. Vic’s research tells him that this squadron was chalking up the highest number of kills early in the war because of the experience and expertise of the Polish pilots.



photo´s John Bishop

Carlos’s Ansaldo SVA 5 – Maiden Flight


Congratulations to Carlos Guerra whose magnificent Ansaldo SVA 5 had its maiden flight at Stow Maries aerodrome on Saturday 6th May.

At 33kg it’s firmly in the ‘Large Model’ category and Ian Redshaw took the sticks on this occasion to make it fly. A change of prop for the second flight the following day gave increased performance. Carlos took  this video of the first flight with barely a tremor evident as he grasped his camcorder:

YouTube Preview Image